How Much Does a NeoGraft® Hair Transplant Cost?

The 3rd most commonly asked question about hair restoration is...  “How much does a hair transplant cost?” The answer ranges drastically from $2,000 to $20,000, and often leaves customers confused about what they are shopping for. The wiser question to ask is how much should a good hair transplant cost? Edit Norwood Hamilton Male Hair Loss Scale [...]Read More »

Top 10 Reasons for Female Hair Loss

If you’re a woman experiencing hair loss, finding the root cause can be daunting. From coming to the terms that hair loss is occurring to finding the right doctor for you, the journey is emotional and tolling. We sat down with some of the leading female physicians across the US to help you better understand […]

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NeoGraft Hair Transplant: What’s the Process Like?

One of the biggest reasons so many people choose NeoGraft is that, on average, both the procedure and recovery time are much quicker than traditional methods. How long you spend in your doctor’s office for your NeoGraft hair transplant is, of course, dependent upon the number of grafts that need to be harvested and implanted, […]

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Hair Loss at a Young Age

Most people associate hair loss with old age, however men and women can begin to notice their hair thinning, receding, or falling out as early as their late 20s or early 30s. With some young adults, this hair loss is very minor and can be concealed or ignored. With others, it is very noticeable, which […]

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5 Facts About Hereditary Hair Loss

For those who are experiencing hair loss and researching hair transplant methods, it’s an understatement to say that you may have heard many explanations for your condition. These range from old wives’ tales to the clinically proven. You might have heard that hair loss comes from your grandfather on your mother’s side…or maybe a friend said that we lose […]

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How Common is Female Hair Loss?

In our society, most think the only people who suffer from hair loss are male. However, through new studies and raised awareness, people are beginning to see that men are not the only ones who go through this ordeal. Thanks to research and social change, it has been found that hair loss in females is […]

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5 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

As you may know, genetics are the leading cause of hair loss. Unfortunately, hereditary hair loss is not preventable, but for those suffering from hair loss for other reasons, there are a few steps that can be taken to help rejuvenate your hair, promote growth, and get you on your way to good hair health […]

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